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New Riff Winter Whiskey

New Riff Winter Whiskey

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When we considered putting oats in a Bourbon, our minds went to the chocolate oatmeal stouts we enjoyed in our brewing careers. Those rich stouts, and resultant, "Winter Whiskey," imbue our palates with the warmth and cheer of the season. Winter Whiskey is a Bourbon with the unique spice of raw and malted oats, backed by roasted cocoa notes of chocolate malt. The experience is something of a three-way conversation between the dry cocoa quality of the chocolate malt; a balanced amount of oak; and this unique spicy quality. Despite the suggestion of “chocolate” in the grains and the name, it never turns cloying, tending to delicate dryness.

AGE: 4 Years Old

ABV: 50%

MASHBILL: 65% Corn  20% Malted Oats  7% Pale Ale Malt  5% Steel Cut Raw Oats 

3% Chocolate Malt

Bottled in Bond without Chill Filtration

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